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Identifying TOP Altcoins for 2020! Time to Get BASED!

Are you ready to get BASED with Chico? In today’s live stream, we are diving into the Baseline Protocol & the altcoins involved who could be top contenders for …
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Crypto Was Quiet. Too Quiet. BITCOIN Breakdown Begins!

Is BITCOIN getting ready for a massive breakdown!? The markets were quiet, but all the sudden CRASH! What is going to happen next? More BTC price pain?
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Which Coins Do We HODL? Chico’s Portfolio Revealed!

Chico Crypto’s portfolio get’s fully revealed today! Which crypto coins do they HODL? Major changes have been made! Is Chainlink still our #1 HODL?
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Ethereum Will Take Over Enterprise w/ 3 Altcoins! Who? When?

Enterprise Ethereum just got a major boost with the launch of the Baseline protocol from Consensys!! Collaborating on this project include Microsoft, Ernst …
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BITCOIN Falls Off A CLIFF!? What's Next? More Pain!?

BITCOIN Crashes & Burns & the markets turn to PANIC MODE! What is next for the BTC price? Is this the beginning of the next bearish cycle or just a...
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BITCOIN Rebounds! Leverage Shills Rekt! Unibright Moons!

Bitcoin bounces right back above 10k! Is it time for the crypto markets to moon? Well with this volatility, the centralized leverage exchanges are making out like …
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Enterprise Ethereum is HERE! The Two Coins to Dominate!?

Altseason 2020 will be led by Enterprise Ethereum and DeFi. What are the two altcoins, which will lead decentralized finance & the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance …
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Start Cashing Out at 10K!? BTC Exit Strategy Revised!

What is my crypto CASH OUT PLAN!? 2020 is looking to be very bullish for Bitcoin, but with the world on the brink of CHAOS, it just might be smart...
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Ethereum Keys to Enterprise Revealed! 2 Coins to Moon!?

We have identified two altcoins with potential to moon in 2020! These coins are the keys to Ethereum’s success with Enterprises like Microsoft, Intel, Amazon …
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Enemies of BITCOIN Are Planning an ATTACK! When!?

Who are the true enemies of Bitcoin & Is 2020 the year they launch an attack? Governments, Regulators & the old financial system are beginning to crumble.
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