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Bitcoin Enters Historically Strong Quarter With 3% Price Gain

View Historical data suggests bitcoin could put in a positive performance in the second quarter. Bitcoin is currently trapped in a pennant pattern on the daily chart. A breakout will...
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How Financial Models Could Move Bitcoin’s Price After Halving

Tobias A. Huber is a researcher with the Department of Management, Technology and Economics at ETH Zurich, in Switzerland. Every four years, the Bitcoin protocol halves the block reward that miners...
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82% of Ethereum Investors Bought Below Current Market Price, On-Chain Data Shows

/latest/2020/03/82-of-ethereum-investors-bought-below-current-market-price-on-chain-data-shows/ Over 82% of Ethereum investors bought the cryptocurrency above its current market price, according to on-chain data. Indicators show the situation may soon get worse. According to data from...
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The Data Is In: EVERYONE IS BUYING BITCOIN. Proof! Evidence! Data!

Share this video with EVERYBODY you can! If You wanna support the channel give it a . Follow us on Twitter: Bitcoin …
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Bitcoin Price Jumps, Massive Power Grab, Binance In China, Ripple + Santander & Games On Tezos

My Second Channel: —————————————————————————- Support Me …
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CEO Bitmain: a slow rise in the price of bitcoin will increase the life of miners

The pinnacle of the largest producer of mining gear for Bitmain, Cihan Wu, mentioned that Bitcoin is unlikely to change into a secure protecting asset in the “unstable world”, however...
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Bitcoin locked in DeFi hits an ATH despite dull price action

There has been tremendous growth in terms of decentralized finance or DeFi. Following the early 2020 rally, the total value locked in DeFi grew … Republished from: Original Source
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How Bitcoin’s Price Slump Is Changing the Geography of Mining

Although China remains, by far, the leading region for bitcoin mining, the coronavirus downturn is changing the picture in other geographies. According to Thomas Heller, business director of one of...
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Crypto Lender Celsius Taps Chainlink’s Price Oracles for Interest Rate ‘Decentralization’

Lending platform Celsius Network has teamed with an oracle provider to make the price feeds it uses to calculate crypto asset interest rates less centralized. Announced Monday, Celsius has subscribed...
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