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BITCOIN Halving 2020 Prediction! Will BTC Pump!?

The Bitcoin Halving 2020 countdown kicks into HIGH GEAR! What is Chico Crypto’s price prediction for this year’s BTC halving 2020? Will the crypto markets …
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🔴WARNING! A Blatant “SEND ME YOUR BITCOIN SCAM” Is Being Promoted By A TRUSTED Crypto News Site. 👍

You Won’t Believe This! & Retweet For Awareness! IN THIS VIDEO YOU WILL LEARN ABOUT RECENT CRYPTO NEWS! However… While I was editing, …
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Coinbase Invests 1.1 Million USDC in DeFi Platforms Uniswap, PoolTogether

/latest/2020/04/coinbase-invests-1-1-million-usdc-in-defi-platforms-uniswap-pooltogether/ Coinbase Invests 1.1 Million USDC in DeFi Platforms Uniswap, PoolTogether coinbase-invests-1-1-million-usdc-in-defi-platforms-uniswap-pooltogether San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has invested 1.1 million USDC into decentralized finance protocols Uniswap and PoolTogether. According...
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Bitcoin makes another growth attempt; a move towards $7,000 is a possibility

Here’s what you need to know on  Markets: BTC/USD is changing hands at $6,630. The coin attempted a recovery above $6,700 during early Asian hours but failed to hold the ground....
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Ethereum is DeFi Chain as Much as Bitcoin is Digital Gold

Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin has recently asserted that aside from the numerous potential applications of Ethereum in various areas, its use as a cryptocurrency, for settlements, cannot be overlooked. This...
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I’ve Changed My Mind on Binance!! BNB #1 Altcoin!?

Chico Crypto has changed his heart regarding Binance? The exchange just acquired Coinmarketcap, and now controls crypto largest data aggregator!! Is 2020 …
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THINGS ARE ESCALATING QUICKLY | President Trump Warns America 🇺🇸 Next Two Weeks Will Be BIG!

President Trump has warned America to expect a “painful” two weeks due to the pandemic. At the SAME TIME he is tweeting about a VERY BIG & BOLD, $2 T...
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Github is backing up the codebases for Bitcoin Core and Ethereum under the Arctic ice in Svalbard

Github is working on backing up the codebases of all open-source software on its platform, including Bitcoin Core and a number of other cryptocurrencies, under the Arctic ice in Svalbard,...
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Cardano Better Than Bitcoin, ETH 2.0 Phase 0, Bank / ATM Limits & Do You Have At Least 1 Bitcoin?

My Second Channel: —————————————————————————- Support Me …
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82% of Ethereum Investors Bought Below Current Market Price, On-Chain Data Shows

/latest/2020/03/82-of-ethereum-investors-bought-below-current-market-price-on-chain-data-shows/ Over 82% of Ethereum investors bought the cryptocurrency above its current market price, according to on-chain data. Indicators show the situation may soon get worse. According to data from...
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