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US Digital Dollar PLANS LEAKED! Coinbase Involved!?

Plans for a future United States Digital Dollar have been LEAKED! Two stimulus bills contained language about the creation of a digital dollar & after some Chico …
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Bakkt CEOs & US Senators Pandemic Scheme EXPOSED!

Bakkt CEOs & US Senators have used inside information to profit off this global pandemic!! This is a moral crime, of the highest degree & those involved need to …
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Identifying TOP Altcoins for 2020! Time to Get BASED!

Are you ready to get BASED with Chico? In today’s live stream, we are diving into the Baseline Protocol & the altcoins involved who could be top contenders for …
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Cash Stimulus to Americans! How? Checks? No! Its Crypto!

The United States Government has announced CASH directly to Americans! But How!? Impossible to mail out 300 million physical checks, with the announced …
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Cardano ADA Shelly DELAY! Lies, Deceit & BIG LAWSUIT!

Do I hate Charles Hoskinson & his project Cardano? Yes! But honestly, I think this project is bad for the crypto space. From the beginning, Cardano was built on …
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BIG Bailout Nears! For Who? Citizens or Corporate USA?

The US Government has announced a CASH BAILOUT! Who is going to get it? The people of the USA or Corporate America? The choice is in the government’s …
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Can BITCOIN Weather The Next Stock Market STORM!?

Is another stock market crash brewing!? Monday market liquidity crunch? Can BITCOIN survive another finance 1.0 collapse? Today, Chico Crypto goes live to …
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Twitter BANS Chico Crypto!? Attack on FREE SPEECH!

Twitter has Suspended the Chico Crypto account!! Is this an attack on Free Speech? Crypto accounts are being silenced left & right on major social media …
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Global Markets on the BRINK of COLLAPSE! Why? Oil War!

Our world is in TURMOIL! Oil price wars, slowing supply chains due to the virus & the fracking industry in the USA on the brink of collapse. Will this fracking...
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Are You Ready for the NEXT GREAT DEPRESSION!?

The global markets slip into CHAOS & every sector from finances to technology is feeling the hurt. Did the next financial collapse begin TODAY!? This smells all …
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