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BREAKING! Fed Slash Rates! Bubble Is About to POP!!??

The Federal Reserve shocked the world with the biggest rate cut since the 2008 financial crisis!! Is this new financial bubble ready to pop? The world is …
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BITCOIN Begins its BOUNCE! Chainlink Secrets Revealed!?

BITCOIN bounces off of support!! Was this the last shakeout before the real moon? Looking into the macroeconomic factors, that are bubbling once again like the …
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BITCOINs Final Shakeout Before the Real Fun Begins!

Bitcoin is CRASHING!? But is this the final shake-out before BTC MOONS? Does this have ties back to Finance 1.0? Today, we dive into what is going on with …
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Global Pandemic to REKT World Economy! BITCOIN Will Survive!?

The Coronavirus is turning into a global pandemic & will bring the world economy to a grinding halt! How will Bitcoin fare during this chaos? The Bitcoin mining …
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Start Cashing Out at 10K!? BTC Exit Strategy Revised!

What is my crypto CASH OUT PLAN!? 2020 is looking to be very bullish for Bitcoin, but with the world on the brink of CHAOS, it just might be smart...
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BITCOIN Ready to Blast Past Resistance!10k & Beyond­čĄ»

Will Bitcoin test 10k resistance by this weekend!? Global macroeconomic factors including the US-China trade deal & the coronavirus could initiate a wild …
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Coronavirus to Ignite the Parabolic BULL RUN!?

Coronavirus is going to kick of the next Bitcoin Bull Run!? Our World is slipping into Chaos & Panic as the virus outbreak spreads & gets worse! Today, we dive...
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