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Chainlink for DeFi – The Official Oracle for Numerous Dapps on Cosmos

On 25th March, Kava Labs announced its long term partnership with Chainlink as it will be integrating Chainlink’s oracles to strengthen its own DeFi ecosystem.  Kava built on Cosmos blockchain...
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Kava Teams with Chainlink to Make Defi Platforms More Stable

A decentralized finance (Defi) platform that offers multiple assets such as stablecoins, loans and other financial services dealing with cryptocurrency-Kava, announced that they have now formed a long-term relationship with...
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DeFi Trade Splitter Links Up with Chainlink Price Feeds, a decentralized exchange aggregator that finds best prices by splitting up token trades across multiple DEXes, is optimizing how it calculates the U.S. dollar value of trades courtesy of...
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Polkadot to Use Chainlink Oracles for Interoperability Network

Polkadot would be the first non-ethereum blockchain to combine Chainlink. “Chainlink is ready to turn into the primary and first oracle supplier for all Substrate-based chains and ultimately your entire...
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Chainlink Partners With Solana To Improve Data For DeFi Applications

Solana, a highly acclaimed blockchain network, has announced the news about its strategic collaboration with a globally reputed decentralized oracle platform, Chainlink (LINK). The integration between the two leading entities...
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Identifying TOP Altcoins for 2020! Time to Get BASED!

Are you ready to get BASED with Chico? In today’s live stream, we are diving into the Baseline Protocol & the altcoins involved who could be top contenders for …
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Top 3 Altcoins I Am Looking Into RIGHT NOW! 👍

Experts Share: Which Altcoins Should Be Watched Closely in 2020 …
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Chainlink (LINK) futures record 99% drop in Binance flash crash

Chainlink (LINK) futures recorded a 99% drop in a flash-crash this week, dropping to a record low of $0.0001 on Binance’s spot market. The crash came amid one of the...
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bZx integrates with Chainlink to prevent future price oracle exploits » CryptoNinjas

bZx, a protocol for tokenized margin trading and lending, announced today it has decided to quickly adopt Chainlink’s decentralized oracle networks as the basis for its new price oracles over...
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Uh Oh! Bitcoin Price Dropping as Major Central Bank DROPS BOMBSHELL on Supreme Court's Crypto Ruling

While the India cryptocurrency industry has won a court battle over a central bank ban on banking access, the war may not yet be over.. Follow us on Twitter: …
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