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BITCOIN Halving 2020 Prediction! Will BTC Pump!?

The Bitcoin Halving 2020 countdown kicks into HIGH GEAR! What is Chico Crypto’s price prediction for this year’s BTC halving 2020? Will the crypto markets …
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Makers of Keep Protocol Raise $7.7M to Bring Trustless BTC to DeFi

With a forthcoming product that may entice more decentralized finance (DeFi) players to incorporate bitcoin-backed tokens, Thesis has closed a $7.7 million deal by selling its Keep tokens to some...
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Ethereum is DeFi Chain as Much as Bitcoin is Digital Gold

Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin has recently asserted that aside from the numerous potential applications of Ethereum in various areas, its use as a cryptocurrency, for settlements, cannot be overlooked. This...
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THINGS ARE ESCALATING QUICKLY | President Trump Warns America 🇺🇸 Next Two Weeks Will Be BIG!

President Trump has warned America to expect a “painful” two weeks due to the pandemic. At the SAME TIME he is tweeting about a VERY BIG & BOLD, $2 T...
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Global Pandemic PLANNED? ID2020, Vaccines & Crypto!

ID2020, digital IDs, and forced vaccinations! Is this coming from the global pandemic crisis? Was this planned by the elites and led by Bill Gates to take away our …
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The People’s Bank of China JUST reduced the interest rate AND injected 50 billion yuan ($7.1 billion) into the banking system. This is CRAZY! Follow us on …
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WARNING: Bank Run Soon!! Get Your Cash Out NOW!

This month is a MAKE or BREAK it for Finance 1.0. They are going to BREAK IT! The stock market will crash, and global liquidity will shrivel up. BANKS, have...
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Bitcoin is MOVING! We are STUCK in Lockdown! Grab a brew and come chill [Livestream + Q&A]

Aaron and I are in week 2 of LOCKDOWN! But as the Bitcoin price MOVES We want to keep YOU informed! Grab a beer, ask a question, and lets chill!...
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BTC News Review: March 29 2020

Here are the major events happening in the crypto-verse, the news you should be aware of: price action, Bitcon – Corona scams rising, Bitmex reveals companies behind BTC , Jihan...
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Crypto Billionaire Jihan Wu Issues Bitcoin (BTC) Halving Alert, Says Ethereum (ETH) Grabbing First-Mover DeFi Advantage

Jihan Wu, the co-founder and chief executive of mining rig manufacturer Bitmain, says he’s optimistic that Bitcoin can perform well this year in spite of the coronavirus outbreak. In a...
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