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BITCOIN to Bounce! Why!? 10k BTC Whale Manipulation!

Most people think Bitcoin is going DOWN! We think $BTC will BOUNCE! Why? Bitcoin whales are loving the physiological number of 10k BTC, and are using it, …
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BITCOIN Falls Off A CLIFF!? What's Next? More Pain!?

BITCOIN Crashes & Burns & the markets turn to PANIC MODE! What is next for the BTC price? Is this the beginning of the next bearish cycle or just a...
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BITCOIN Attack Is Coming! The Fight You Stage Begins!

The Regulators are coming for Bitcoin!! Which means the fight you stage has officially begun! Steve Mnuchin, Treasury Dept., FinCEN, SEC & the CFTC have …
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Enterprise Ethereum is HERE! The Two Coins to Dominate!?

Altseason 2020 will be led by Enterprise Ethereum and DeFi. What are the two altcoins, which will lead decentralized finance & the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance …
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ALTSEASON 2020 Ready to EXPLODE! Why? US Govt Gives Greenlight!?

Altseason 2020 has arrived & this one is going to melt faces and possibly similar to the one we saw during the parabolic movements of 2017? Why!? The US …
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Global Pandemic to REKT World Economy! BITCOIN Will Survive!?

The Coronavirus is turning into a global pandemic & will bring the world economy to a grinding halt! How will Bitcoin fare during this chaos? The Bitcoin mining …
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Ethereum Breakout Begins! Why!? (Hint) It’s Not DeFi or Staking!

Ethereum is starting to pump & it’s 2020 breakout officially begins. But Why!? Many people think Eth Staking, DeFi & Ethereum 2.0 is the reason. In reality, it’s …
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Start Cashing Out at 10K!? BTC Exit Strategy Revised!

What is my crypto CASH OUT PLAN!? 2020 is looking to be very bullish for Bitcoin, but with the world on the brink of CHAOS, it just might be smart...
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BITCOIN Ready to Blast Past Resistance!10k & Beyond🤯

Will Bitcoin test 10k resistance by this weekend!? Global macroeconomic factors including the US-China trade deal & the coronavirus could initiate a wild …
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Elon Musk Has SECRET Plans for BITCOIN!?💥🚀

Does Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, SpaceX & Paypal, have secret plans for Bitcoin in 2020? Like providing Solar power for America’s largest Bitcoin mining farm …
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