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Bitcoin Panic Sell, XRP 1,532% Rally, Ethereum Lift Off, IOTA Frozen & Cardano ADA Stablecoin

My Second Channel: —————————————————————————- Support Me …
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Bitcoin Meetup Los Angeles ! [Ask Me ANYTHING!] 👍

Aaron & Austin are live! Grab a beer (or a coffee). And ASK US A QUESTION! Let’s hangout and talk cryptocurrency! Follow our personal Instagrams: Aaron: …
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Bitcoin DUMPS! But MAJOR COIN NEWS as Altcoins Race Past Bitcoin Ahead of Halving! BE READY!

Altseason is upon as with nearly every top cryptocurrency rising faster than Bitcoin. But as Bitcoin takes a little dip, what can we expect from Cardano, Tron, EOS, …
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From Crypto Self-Custody to Music Rights, This Mother-Daughter Dev Team Does It All

Developer Cindy Zimmerman and her mother Judy Katzman are among the cryptocurrency community’s most quietly prolific builders. After learning about bitcoin in 2011, Katzman worked for the early exchange BitInstant...
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Bitcoin Is Back — Amazon-Like Gains Are Ahead for Crytpo Investors

Take a look at the blip on the left-hand side of this chart, circled in red… That’s what happened to Amazon during the dot-com bubble. The stock fell 94% from...
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How Likely Is A Bitcoin Flippening?

Ethereum has risen over 32% this week, from the week’s starting price of $ 213 (Feb 06) to trading at $ 282, at the time of this writing. This big...
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WE ARE VERY EARLY! I Believe Bitcoin Holders Will Be The New Elite!

Warning This Is Only My Opinion. Plus: In The Second Half Of The Video I Talk About The Sad Reality Of The Crypto Space. Viewer Be Warned. Follow us on...
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Will Bitcoin Hit 20k Again w/ All This MANIPULATION?

Yesterday, the crypto markets were RIPE w/ manipulation! Can Bitcoin reach it’s 20k ATH in the face of manipulators like BitMex, Binance, Tether USDT & more?
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For Crypto Miners, Bitcoin’s Halving Could Mean a Doubling in Costs

Bitcoin investors speculate the upcoming halving could send prices skyrocketing to $90,000 or higher.  To the operators of high-speed computers used to mine for bitcoin, the halving looks more like...
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Bitcoin News Roundup for Feb. 14, 2020

With bitcoin holding above $10,000, we’re joined by CoinDesk senior reporter Leigh Cuen to discuss developments and implications in the case alleged against Larry Dean Harmon. Today’s show features a...
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