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Venture production studio Thesis closes a $7.7 million funding round as it prepares for tBTC’s launch in April

Venture production studio Thesis closes a $7.7 million funding round as it prepares for tBTC’s launch in April – The Block We’re sorry but doesn’t work properly without JavaScript...
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Brazilian Financial Regulators Will Vet Companies and Political Appointees on a Blockchain

Brazil’s financial regulators launched an information-sharing blockchain platform called PIER on Wednesday.   At launch, the blockchain pulls data from three of Brazil’s four major financial institutions: the private insurance superintendent...
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Zoom alternatives may not be more private: a look at videoconferencing apps’ encryption schemes

Quick Take Zoom, the popular videoconferencing app, came under attack these days for its concerning security practices Zoom and some other chatting apps’ smooth user experience is made available at...
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5 Reasons for Cautious Optimism in Crypto

While traditional markets continue to flail, bitcoin (BTC) and crypto in general are showing surprising resilience and attracting new audiences. The economic outlook is grim. The jobless claims keep piling...
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Maker Foundation reveals its design for a self-governing DAO to replace its role in the ecosystem

The Maker Foundation has revealed its plan to start transferring its governance power to the community in the next two years and is set to release an initial draft of...
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Bitcoin Blows Past $7K in Sudden 14% Jump

Bitcoin (BTC) suddenly rallied Thursday after weeks in the doldrums, trading above $7,000 for the first time since March 11. The bellwether cryptocurrency was up nearly 15 percent in the...
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Coronavirus on my smartphone? It may be more likely than you think

A recent study has revealed that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) can survive on the surfaces of smartphones for up to 96 hours. People around the world are self-isolating, washing their...
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Makers of Keep Protocol Raise $7.7M to Bring Trustless BTC to DeFi

With a forthcoming product that may entice more decentralized finance (DeFi) players to incorporate bitcoin-backed tokens, Thesis has closed a $7.7 million deal by selling its Keep tokens to some...
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‘Kingdom Hearts 4’ release still in the dark

There is still no news update on a possible Kingdom Hearts 4 in the works. Fans are kept in the dark after the last Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC was released. The ReMind DLC is,...
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Ripple Engineers Publish Design for Private Transactions on XRP Ledger

A new proposal specification from Ripple’s software developers would allow users to send private transactions to one another using the XRP ledger. In a GitHub submission earlier this week, Ripple...
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