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Lyra is a technologically advanced crypto token issuance blockchain and processing platform, which allows merchants, governments, and individuals to create custom tokens that can be accepted by others in a...
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Robinhood Casino

Robinhood brings the gig-economy to the casino world. It eliminates the house and uses blockchain to bring transparency to the table. Anyone, from anywhere in the world, can sign up...
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TOXIC ICO Roadmap 29.09.2019 September Q3, 2018 – R&D and product concept January Q1, 2019 – Toxic messenger Beta release May Q2, 2019 – Keyless Cipher Generator (KCG)...
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Flas Exchange

Flas Exchange is a comprehensive trading platform that offers various types of digital assets. As a secure, reliable and advanced digital assets trading platform developed for professional trading, Flas Exchange...
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Everyone is different and our health and nutrition is dependent on our culture, lifestyles and local environment. So, why is it that nutritional or fitness apps treat everyone like we’re...
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Why proximus is so important Who benefits the most from terrorist chaos? Who else but bureaucracy, bursting with various services and safeguards, depriving civil rights and human dignity. And all...
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Vernon Token

Each contribution is used for new real estate acquisition or flows into DJIA. Our targeted approach is to reach following levels of distribution. We report quarterly our results and in...
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3 to 5% of the 38.5 billion e-commerce transactions per year end in a dispute. This means that roughly 155 million disputes need to be reviewed every year. That number...
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